When I walk into a museum I am always drawn to the ancient scientific instruments, those intricately crafted astrolabes and chronometers of brass and steel that were created to explore our universe. They allow us to meet another person across time, to connect with their brilliant intelligence, sense of beauty and spiritual energy.


As a child I loved to search for shiny, buried jewels, and I had the idea that if I made things in metal that maybe in thousands of years time my own work might be dug up. 


Now, having spent nearly 30 years as a jeweller developing my metalworking skills, the objects that I dig up from my imagination are most accurately expressed in metal. It provides the necessary precision, preciousness, solidity and reflective brilliance that I most admire. My aim is to represent these objects as perfectly as my hands will allow, but without completely erasing the human hand marks that created them. 


The circle and sphere represent the Universe as a whole and of each subatomic element within it. It represents order and unity and within this simplest of forms even the most complex, organic, repetitive elements can be expressed clearly. 


My hope is that these pieces might inspire the viewer out of the ordinary visible world, and to reconnect with something timeless, invisible and sacred.